Monday, 9 April 2007

Why would I pretend..........

why do you jump to the wrong conclusions ?........................ Has anyone ever experienced nasty comments by other's who do not know their facts ? Let me explain - I recently went on a nice cruise ship holiday and took my wheelchair which I need frequently nowadays . I have Parkinson's Disease and my condition changes hourly as well as from day to day depending on medication effects and rest periods ,etc , Some days I can walk OK for short periods , other days not at all , and there is no pattern to it . Sometimes my tremors are uncontrollable , other times they are non existent . On this cruise ship other more able passengers made comments which I could clearly overhear such as , ' He is putting it on ' , ' Look at him now he can walk with his sticks ' , ' Look he used his right hand then ' , ' the guy in the wheelchair .. ? .' , ' watch him now ' , ' look see what I mean he can walk ' . These comments even continued on the plane home and just about ruined my holiday . I did not challenge them since to do so would have caused friction and distress which makes my tremors go into overload ! My wife would have caused a riot if she had heard them but I did not tell her until later and refused to identify the passengers just to keep the peace . The people who asked me outright what was wrong with me were really nice and wanted to understand more about Parkinson's , including most of the staff on this ship , why didn't the ignorant comment makers ask me instead of assuming ? ,.I am youngish and they could not see anything physically wrong me so I suppose I was fair game for criticism , but it hurt me . I will not go cruising again since the especially nasty comment - ' he is putting it on ' - was said . I wish they were right , at least it would be curable then . Parkinson's is very complex and affects everyone differently , with me it is tremors , mobility , stiffness and balance . The more people stared at me the more agitated I became and my tremors increased , so I suppose the comment - ' only when he has got an audience ' - was also true . How can people be so cruel as to think I am faking a serious illness ? It would be nice if they were right though - I could fix it then !
By Peterhappy @ yourable

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Living with RA is a PAIN
I am fed up with people saying "O have you hurt your leg again" when they see me trying to struggle uphill on my crutches. These people know me, know I have RA. So WHY do they insist on making this stupid comment Grrrr? It so angers me that they are so ignorant, I wish they would do there homework and take a little time to learn about my illness or refain from making comment. They could ask me about it I would gladly explain about flair-ups etc. Maybe just say "Good Morning/Afternoon" whatever that they would say to anyone else.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - Western Isles Council
When will they ever drop the kirbs on our Island? When will the repair the pavements, which have more potholes than most roads, not to mention the loose gravel? When will they paint the Disable parking bays? They do exist but are kept a secret so anyone can park on them. e.g. There is one outside there Castlebay office but they won't paint it as the carpark is small and you can fit 3 cars in the area.

Gripe over for today

Monday, 2 April 2007

Leth-aon uan {Twin lambs}

Part air a bhreith {Born} 28/03/2007

Where, who & whatever

EILEAN SIAR {Western Isles}
ALBA {Scotland}

Is mise - Barbol {My name Barbara}